Apollo 7 – FAQ: When Watching/Streaming Videos, Why Does The Audio Not Sync With The Video?

In True Wireless, instead of one Bluetooth receiver, there are two and data have to be transmitted twice which can cause latency issue in playing video/audio. The earphones require the data to buffer about 20-80 millisecond (ms) to prevent signal drop-out between earphones, which can cause latency when watching a video.

Devices and apps that your earphones are paired to could compensate by adding a slight video delay to synchronize with the Bluetooth latency. As an accessory manufacturer, we do not have such control over the devices and app that are used with our earphones and we are looking into future improvements that would help with the latency issue.

To minimize the latency when watching a video, we ask you to lower the bit rate of the audio if possible, move the host device closer to the LEFT earphone so to reduce any environmental interference between the devices.