Muse 5 – How To: Connect to Your Device

When using for the first time, please fully charge earphones for approx. 2 hours.

  1. On your DEVICE
    •  Verify Bluetooth is ON
    •  Verify Bluetooth is actively scanning for devices.
  2. LEFT earphone, long press button for 5 seconds to start Pairing Mode. Listen for:
    • “Power on”
    • “Pairing”
  3. On your device select “Muse 5
  4. LEFT earphone listen for:
    • “Paired”
    • “Your headset is connected”
  5. RIGHT earphone, long press button for 2 seconds. Listen for:
    • “Power on” followed by a beep
    • “True wireless stereo connected” – indicating successful pairing to left earphone.


  • Only the left earphone will connect to your device. The right will connect to the left and only the left may be used as a single headset.
  • Once BLUETOOTH devices are paired you will not need to pair them again, except in the following cases:
    • Pairing information has been deleted after FACTORY RESET.
    • The earphones are already paired with 8 devices limit and another device is to be paired.
      The earphones can be paired with up to 8 devices. If a new device is paired after 8 devices are already paired, the paired device with the oldest connection time is replaced by the new one.
    • When the pairing information for the headset has been deleted from the BLUETOOTH device.
    • The earphones can be paired with multiple devices, but can only play music from one paired device at a time.